A New Year – A New Job

It is with great excitement that I share with you today that I will be joining the dynamic team at Vetro Media, from March. They are a groundbreaking digital company, that moves, the world into mobile & digital marketing. Strategy planning is at the core of their business and they are perfectionists, that do not stop until we have achieved perfection. So with that said I know it will be the fit for me.

But not be sad as I will continue with blogging on my journey of life as well as what I get up to at Vetro, as I will be designing in a new a fun field of digital. Website and App design is going to be a great learning curve for me.  My world will become a very digital one and I’m ready to register for this exciting change.

So I’m jumping into a ‘responsive’ world of design and will be doing a lot of this…


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Vera-Lee’s Brithday Planning

I’m excited to share the designs I have done thus far for little Vera’s party being held next week. It is truly going to be the best TEA-REX party ever. She just loves her animals and dinosaurs…can’t wait to see her face and share the party with you.


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Family Photoshoot

December has come and gone, it was great to rest and spend time with family. While we did the relaxing holiday, we had our fun family shoot in Maboneng, Johannesburg this time round. Being the city slickers that we are we had to make sure we show the beauty in our city. Our photos were taken by the talented Dean, from DGR Photography. She is also a long time friend and we were so comfortable in her cameras presence. Today I’m sharing some of her beautiful images. Please go view her website and follow her on social media, and book a session off course, truly worth it.

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