Homemade Mist for Women’s Day 2016

Because it is Women’s Month and the summer is around the corner I found some awesome homemade mist to make our skin look even better this holiday season. I also designed some fun labels that you are welcome to print if you want to made it a gift a special friend’s birthday. You will have the option of an elegant design as well as some bold colours.

Download Labels here.




Cucumber-Aloe Hydrating Mist


1 small cucumber
1/3 cup of distilled water
1 tsp. of aloe vera
1 tsp. witch hazel
4-ounce glass spray bottle

Peel and cut your cucumber (dice it or toss into a food processor). If using a processor, strain through a cheesecloth to extract the cucumber essence and to keep your mist light. I like to include some of the diced pieces in the mix either way. Pour into your spray bottle along with the water, aloe vera, witch hazel and shake it up! Mist as necessary!

Rose water cooling mist


1/2 cup of organic rose water
a few drops of vitamin E oil
3 drops of ylang ylang essential oil
4-ounce glass spray bottle

Combine water, vitamin E oil and ylang ylang oil in your glass bottle.

Green Tea Tree Face Mist


1/2 cup of steeped and cooled green tea
4 drops of tea tree essential oil
4-ounce glass spray bottle

Steep the green tea bag in a 1/2 cup of boiled water. Remove bag after five minutes and let the tea cool down before pouring into bottle. Put the tea tree oil in the bottle as well, screw on the top and shake it up.

Lavender Antibacterial Mist


1/2 cup of distilled water
4 drops of lavender essential oil
1 tsp witch hazel
4-ounce glass spray bottle

Place water, lavender oil and witch hazel in your spray bottle. Shake it up and spray!


*If you are pregnant or nursing, consult with your doctor first before using any essential oils. They are powerful and can be absorbed by your skin and carried throughout your body!

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Family Photoshoot



During our visit in Potchefstroom, I had the opportunity to have photos taken by a talented photographer, Lindy. She is located in Potchefstroom and her photography business is called Kiki Art Photography. Our photo’s was taken at the beautiful coffee shop and venue, Die Pink Huis.

She took some beautiful photos of me for my blog and beautiful family photos of me and little Vera-Lee as well as my sister and her boy, Aiden.








We are so excited to share these beautiful images. Thank you Lindy & Die Pink Huis.


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Holiday Fun – December 2015



The month on January surely went fast as we got back into the routine of work and school…the fast pace of today’s life made a even the most organised, like me, run behind. The upside to that is in February I get the chance to view my holiday picture of Vera-Lee again. This summer was a true South African holiday of beautiful different weather patterns…from loads of swimming, to playing in the rain. At ‘oumas’ house there was plenty to keep Vera entertained…playing with and kissing new puppy Pluto, to finding her own private spot to playing behind the couch, riding bike like the boys and washing a fun movie or two on a rainy day.

We had so much fun and bonding time, as Vera turned two that I realise how time fly’s and that she is truly becoming a beautiful, fearless and happy girl.

Motherhood is a great gift and I’m so happy to share it with little Vera-Lee.























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