March is Dr. Seuss month!

He was an illustrator and book writer loved all over the world. We enjoyed his books as kids and our kids do and their kids will. Throughout his career, cartoonist and writer Dr. Seuss published 60 children’s books, including The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. This month we are celebrating his 111th birthday! Due to the celebration I designed posters for me and Vera-Lee to enjoy and learn off coarse. Enjoy the post. And have a Seuss-Month!







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Valentines Day is coming

As Valentines Day is fast approaching I designed computer screen savers for my personal PC at the studio. My resolution is 1920 px by 1080 px. Let me know if you will be interested in the designs so I can edit the size for you.

Secondly, I’m so happy my Valentines design for hubby is printed and arrived at the studio today. So excited to give it to him as it has been a while since I last did a personal design for him. Also, more goodies arrived that I will be sharing shortly.


“i am wild about you!” Lovely girly design that I love.


And still on the ‘wild’ subject a fun design that will make everyone’s day. Have a mentioned I love doing patterns?


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New beginnings for 2015

I realised I didn’t do a resolution list last year so I wanted to make sure to do one this year. Honestly, a few of them are going to be pretty challenging for me…but hey, that’s the point right!  I do have to say, I’m pretty darn excited about 2015, especially when I have a look at my new years’ resolutions. I hope everyone has an amazing and super successful 2015!

While I was working on my brand, blog and New Years Resolutions, I read an article that inspired me to be more productive this year and gave me some ideas and good advice.

Thanks to Ideas Magazine for shedding light on the subject of doing your own thing.  Just loved the article.


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