Halloween Printable Masks


Halloween is still a new ‘celebration’ in South Africa. As our beliefs are different and everyone has had a view comments on social media about Halloween. For me it is a fun way of getting Vera-Lee to dress-up. She is not only a picky-eater but a picky-dresser as well. I made some fun masks to see if she will ware them, as the hole head part in mostly ‘stay-away-territory’. She will be waering a cat costume for her first fun ‘trick-or-treat’ tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

In the mean time you are welcome to download these fun masks.




Download link for all masks.

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Calendar October 2015

It is October and summer is here. I love the warmth and brightness of the sun during our summer months in South Africa. My theme for this months calendar was inspired my the ‘sunniness’ we are currently experiencing. It is also Halloween all around the world this month so I decided on a beautiful indigo blue to celebrate Halloween-darkness.

You are welcome to download the following files:
Desktop 1920 x 1080      |      Desktop 1024 x 768      |      Desktop 1440 x 900      |     Birthday CalendarFSCalenderDesktop_OctoberScreen

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