Nelson Mandela Day, Messages of Hope

Tomorrow we are celebrating a great man on his birth date.  I’m so inspired this month my him and the media coverage going on around the day that I already started my ’67 minutes free design’ campaign and it is truly exciting. I designed some artwork for photo frames that can inspire anyone to do some good in the world.

Nelson Mandela International Day was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s  birthday on 18 July, 2009 via unanimous decision of the UN General Assembly. It was inspired by a call Nelson Mandela made a year earlier, for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices when he said that “it is in your hands now”. It is more than a celebration of Madiba’s life and legacy. It is a global movement to honour his life’s work and act to change the world for the better.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend. And enjoy giving this Saturday! Send me a message and I can send the PDF file’s to you.








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Mandela Day – Project 01

So happy to have done my first project for this good cause and enjoyed doing it at the same time.

This project was done for a school friend, Gerda that I have known for a very long time. She is starting up her own business of making beautiful products for everyone. She will be expanding in the next view years and I’m excited to see what she will be offering.

Please go visit her site for more info or to order.



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Instagram Activated

I took me a while to get my new mobile and the first app I downloaded was not WhatsUp but Instagram. My firsts pic’s off coarse is of little Vera-Lee having a great morning as usual. A new day with new experiences…so exciting Mommy!  My link is not up and running yet but you are welcome to click on Instagram to go view and add me.



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