How to make a Black & White Photo in Photoshop

You have recently taken a beautiful photo and would love to have it in black and white. There is an easy way using the Adjustment Panel/Button in Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop there is really easy buttons to edit beautiful photos. I will be sharing great tips and tutorials how to use Photoshop as a beginner for quick and easy results without feeling overwhelmed.

In the left photo below, you are able to view the colour photo. You can see the results of using the Black & White Adjustment in the picture to the right.



Tutorial steps:

Step 1 : Open your photo in Photoshop by going to File > Open > Browse your file location.

Step 2 : In your layers panel, right click on the background layer and select Duplicate layer. You could change name of the duplicate layer – background copy or leave it unchanged. This is to prevent the original photo from saving the changes while you are still editing.

Step 3 : Keep the cursor clicked on the newly created duplicate layer. Select the Adjustment Icon on the bottom right panel, from your right toolbar and select the Black And White option. You will see that this action automatically will change your photo. A Properties panel will appear and you are welcome to play around with the options. On this tutorial I will keep the pre-sets on Default.

This is such and easy tip to know and soon your confidence in Photoshop will exceed and you’ll try some more effects.



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Re-Branding Your Brand

Re-branding can be very overwhelming if you go about it wrong. It’s a big task to take on, and it’s a task that you should be 100% sure about and ready for. But when is it truly time to re-brand? And are you re-branding for the right reason, or just because you feel like it?

Flavoured Salt is my ‘signature’ for my creativeness and it is my sharing brand, with will one day turn into my business. I made some new fresh edits to my blog to insure that the content that I’m sharing is more emphasised and it does not look cluttered. So I’m happy to share my new look and feel that is a growing proses.

A good brand is consistent. It doesn’t change every 6 months; it remains solid and trustworthy. When is it truly time to re-brand? And are you re-branding for the right reason, or just because you feel like it? I would like to share some do’s and don’t s.

Why you should NOT re-brand:

1. You’re new management. I get a lot of inquiries from business owners who have recently bought a business and want to put their stamp on it.

2. You’re bored of your brand.

3. You can’t afford it.

4.You have no real clarity. Before re-branding, you need to gain some brand clarity. You need to understand who your target market is, what your goals are, what your true business purpose is, and you need to feel sure about the direction you’re taking your business in.
I have a free workbook available that can help you plan an effective brand!

Why you SHOULD re-brand:

1. Your sales have decreased. If your sales aren’t very high and you’ve tried everything to increase them, maybe you need to try re-branding.

2. You get lots of traffic but no one sticks around. .

3. You don’t get many client inquiries.

4. Customers and clients make quick decisions based on how your brand and website looks, so you have to make sure they look gorgeous and professional – good enough to make people stick around and find out more about your business and how you can help them.

5. You’ve changed your business direction.

6. You’re attracting the wrong customers.

7. You feel like you’ve outgrown your brand.

8. You feel like your brand is a copy of someone else’s.

9. And then off-coarse you have the budget.

If you think it’s time to re-brand your business and you’re looking for a designer to take on your project, I’d love to discuss your project with you!



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Pamper Boxes – Mothers Day Spoil

My mommies are so close to my heart. Both of them are such warm-hearted individuals that I wanted to spoil them in the way only mommies can be spoiled, for all their special occasions this year. I made a Stationary Box Set for them with extra special goodies in the bag as well. I went for the monochrome look in my designs for this year as it was a first time project. The classic combination of black and white can range from country to crisp and modern, but it’s always effortlessly elegant.

Each bag contains of the following:
1. x1 Screen printed totebag
2. x1 Designed Birthday Card
3. x32 Diary Notes
4. x12 Gitf Tags
5. x10 Luchbox Notes
6. x6 Post Cards
7. x2 Designed lid-labels for the homemade bath goodies

Also added to the bag: (shopping list)
8. Twine
9. Ribbon
10. x1 Stamp (from Typo)
11. x3 Pens/Markers (from Typo)
12. x2 Sticky Tape (from Typo)
13. x50 Large Gift Paper Bags
14. x 25 Small Gift Papaer Bags
15. x2 Homemade Bath Goodies (Please view recipes below)
16. x1 Extra Totebag (from Typo)
17. x2 A5 Diaries












Recipe for the Natural Bath Scrub:

2 cups Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Honey
1/2 cup Olive Oil

Mix the ingredients together well and place in a glass jar.
[Recipe found on]

Recipe for the Milky Oats Bath:
2 cups Powedered Milk
1 cup Cornstarch
1/2 cup Baking Soda
1/2 Plain Oats
6 drops of Thyme Essential Oil

Mix the ingredients together well and place in a glass jar.
[Recipe found on]

From next year I will be doing this bag on a yearly basis for Mothers Day with a differnet theme.
You are interested in purchining your unique bag/box for your mother, please contact me.

Generic Box (English):
1. x1 Screen printed totebag (Best Mom)
2. x32 Diary Notes
3. x12 Gitf Tags
4. x10 Luchbox Notes
5. x6 Post Cards
6. x2 Designed lid-labels for the homemade bath goodies
7. Twine (one colour)
8. x2 Sticky Tape (one roll/one colour)
9. x12 Large Gift Paper Bags
10. x12 Small Gift Papaer Bags
11. x1 A5 Diary (Designer instock)

Cost: R450.00

Personalised Box:
Personilse the box just for ‘your’ mom.
All above included
Any language / Any colour
One personilsed screen print on totebag
One personilsed message on front of diary

Cost: R700.00

Box Facts
– The boxes contains R1000 worth of stationery goodness.
– Delivered is not included. My location is in Randurg and delivery can be organised.




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