Pamper Boxes – Mothers Day Spoil

My mommies are so close to my heart. Both of them are such warm-hearted individuals that I wanted to spoil them in the way only mommies can be spoiled, for all their special occasions this year. I made a Stationary Box Set for them with extra special goodies in the bag as well. I went for the monochrome look in my designs for this year as it was a first time project. The classic combination of black and white can range from country to crisp and modern, but it’s always effortlessly elegant.

Each bag contains of the following:
1. x1 Screen printed totebag
2. x1 Designed Birthday Card
3. x32 Diary Notes
4. x12 Gitf Tags
5. x10 Luchbox Notes
6. x6 Post Cards
7. x2 Designed lid-labels for the homemade bath goodies

Also added to the bag: (shopping list)
8. Twine
9. Ribbon
10. x1 Stamp (from Typo)
11. x3 Pens/Markers (from Typo)
12. x2 Sticky Tape (from Typo)
13. x50 Large Gift Paper Bags
14. x 25 Small Gift Papaer Bags
15. x2 Homemade Bath Goodies (Please view recipes below)
16. x1 Extra Totebag (from Typo)
17. x2 A5 Diaries












Recipe for the Natural Bath Scrub:

2 cups Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Honey
1/2 cup Olive Oil

Mix the ingredients together well and place in a glass jar.
[Recipe found on]

Recipe for the Milky Oats Bath:
2 cups Powedered Milk
1 cup Cornstarch
1/2 cup Baking Soda
1/2 Plain Oats
6 drops of Thyme Essential Oil

Mix the ingredients together well and place in a glass jar.
[Recipe found on]

From next year I will be doing this bag on a yearly basis for Mothers Day with a differnet theme.
You are interested in purchining your unique bag/box for your mother, please contact me.

Generic Box (English):
1. x1 Screen printed totebag (Best Mom)
2. x32 Diary Notes
3. x12 Gitf Tags
4. x10 Luchbox Notes
5. x6 Post Cards
6. x2 Designed lid-labels for the homemade bath goodies
7. Twine (one colour)
8. x2 Sticky Tape (one roll/one colour)
9. x12 Large Gift Paper Bags
10. x12 Small Gift Papaer Bags
11. x1 A5 Diary (Designer instock)

Cost: R450.00

Personalised Box:
Personilse the box just for ‘your’ mom.
All above included
Any language / Any colour
One personilsed screen print on totebag
One personilsed message on front of diary

Cost: R700.00

Box Facts
– The boxes contains R1000 worth of stationery goodness.
– Delivered is not included. My location is in Randurg and delivery can be organised.




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