How to make a Black & White Photo in Photoshop

You have recently taken a beautiful photo and would love to have it in black and white. There is an easy way using the Adjustment Panel/Button in Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop there is really easy buttons to edit beautiful photos. I will be sharing great tips and tutorials how to use Photoshop as a beginner for quick and easy results without feeling overwhelmed.

In the left photo below, you are able to view the colour photo. You can see the results of using the Black & White Adjustment in the picture to the right.



Tutorial steps:

Step 1 : Open your photo in Photoshop by going to File > Open > Browse your file location.

Step 2 : In your layers panel, right click on the background layer and select Duplicate layer. You could change name of the duplicate layer ā€“ background copy or leave it unchanged. This is to prevent the original photo from saving the changes while you are still editing.

Step 3 : Keep the cursor clicked on the newly created duplicate layer. Select the Adjustment Icon on the bottom right panel, from your right toolbar and select the Black And White option. You will see that this action automatically will change your photo. A Properties panel will appear and you are welcome to play around with the options. On this tutorial I will keep the pre-sets on Default.

This is such and easy tip to know and soon your confidence in Photoshop will exceed and you’ll try some more effects.



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