Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog! I’m Vicky-Lee – a graphic designer, foodie lover, and crafty lady.

I am the wife to a boy named Diederick and mommy to a precious baby girl named Vera-Lee. Welcome to my blog.

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t finding joy in being creative. I was the artsy girl who organized my mom’s shopping cart into neat colour sections, occupied myself for hours with a stack of copy paper and a box of crayons and water paint.

I never really grew out of it, and I followed my passion all the way to a graphic designer.

A bit of history:

I Live in Johannesburg and it is the only place I call home. I could describe myself as a lot of things, but creative and passionate are at the top of the list. I graduated from NWU in Potchefstroom with a diploma in graphic design and photography, and for 8 years, I worked as an animator, fashion graphic designer and now a graphic designer at a company in Johannesburg.

When I’m not designing, I honed my skills as an artist and illustrator….which I’m realising is my true calling. You can also find me blogging, hanging out at the coffee shop, cooking with my husband, playing with my baby girl, or exploring South Africa.

I’m blessed to call my life-long passion for my full-time job. I absolutely love what I do!

My Mission.

My clients are our top priority, which is why my mission is to make them happy. Ultimately, I want to help my clients grow their business from strength to strength and develop that competitive edge needed to become an industry leader.

My Vision.

As a diverse individual, I know that change is inevitable. This is why I welcome it. Embrace it. Seize it. Adopt it. I am constantly striving to move forward and move up. I think deeply. I question everything.  I create. 5…10…20 years from now I want to have left my mark on the world – where I will always be remembered!

My Values.

I love what I do! Thus LOVE! More of my values include originality, teamwork, respect, best quality & delivering on promises.

Photos by DGR Photography