A New Year – A New Job

It is with great excitement that I share with you today that I will be joining the dynamic team at Vetro Media, from March. They are a groundbreaking digital company, that moves, the world into mobile & digital marketing. Strategy planning is at the core of their business and they are perfectionists, that do not stop until we have achieved perfection. So with that said I know it will be the fit for me.

But not be sad as I will continue with blogging on my journey of life as well as what I get up to at Vetro, as I will be designing in a new a fun field of digital. Website and App design is going to be a great learning curve for me.  My world will become a very digital one and I’m ready to register for this exciting change.

So I’m jumping into a ‘responsive’ world of design and will be doing a lot of this…


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