Something you did not know about me #1

FSBroches Collection_Image01

Hi guys. This is a new feature to the blog and it gives you a change to get to know me better. I always had an eye for design as most people who have know me, knows. Growing up from being a tomboy in school listening to The Cranberries & Nirvana brought a change in my university years, when Sex and The City reruns became the girly obsession of their fashion-sense in the show. My love broaches started with Carrie, but they can go with a Miranda, Charlotte or or Samantha outfit. So these ladies inspired me to a more fashion-forward live style. And so my broaches collection started growing.

I hope you enjoy viewing some of my favourite broaches I collected over the years.  Have a great day! And share you your favourite things to collect.

FSBroches Collection_Image02


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